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4. City-proposer communication

Proposers are specifically directed not to contact any employees or officials of CCSF other than those specifically designated in this RFP and its Attachments.  Unauthorized contact may be cause for rejection of proposals at CCSF’s sole and absolute discretion.  The RFP Contact is Michael Hirai at

4.1. Deadline for RFP questions

Please email any questions to the RFP Contact. No oral questions will be accepted. Questions, in accordance with the below schedule, must be in writing and received before the Deadline for RFP Questions (June 14, 2019 at 2PM PT). No questions will be accepted after this time with the exception of those concerning City vendor compliance. All inquiries should include the number and title of the RFP. Substantive replies will be memorialized in written addenda to be made part of this RFP. This RFP will only be governed by information provided through written addenda.

4.2. Summary of information requested and presented

A summary of all addenda, questions, and answers pertaining to this RFP will be posted on CCSF’s website at the following link listed under Sourcing Events, “EXT HRD | RFP#2019-02 APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM”. 

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