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Providing regular updates has always been a central component of this project. Our team posts updates on our blog.

Request for Information
Request for Information (RFI)

In May 2018, CCSF published a Request for Information (RFI) to start a conversation with the vendor community. We were thrilled to receive 20 responses from a wide range of vendors including: 

  • ATS vendors that specialize in public sector hiring 

  • ATS vendors that specialize in private sector hiring 

  • Hiring microservices (e.g., vendors that offer online examinations, text reminders, etc) 

  • Software development shops 

  • Integrators

The RFI process allowed CCSF to summarize all the research that was completed and get a sense of whether the vendor community would be interested and willing to partner with CCSF to take a modular approach to procurement.  

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